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writes america cannot and will not win. there is no rolling back of the world wide jihad movement. when this new front of jihad starts in yemen, it might become the single most important front of jihad in the world. his web site and blog will be monitored by the u.s. intelligence community. >> a month later, we have the warning from the suspect's own father. >> that's correct. in november, his father went to the u.s. embassy in nigeria after a phone call from his son in which the 23-year-old claimed it would be their last conversation. the father met with a c.i.a. officer and told him that his son was missing and had extremist views. this information was the basis of a state department cable also obtained by fox. it reads in part, information at post suggests subject may be involved with yemeni based extremists. he has traveled previously to u.k. and dubai uae. there were intercepts that spoke of a plot of the nigerian, but not more specific. >> didn't we create a whole new agency after the attacks on 9-11 specifically put together to connect these kinds of dots that clearly didn't get
across america, in port-au-prince, haiti, residents by the thousands have been trapped for more than two days, trapped and crying out in many cases that they are dying and then the crying stops. and here across america we are seeing some of the most disturbing pictures yet of the horror in haiti. we have to warn you they are graphic. there are so many human remains to bury they need a new cemetery. we are seeing it corpses in the street and piled up outside a morgue. haiti's president reports they have already buried 7,000 victims in one mass grave. tonight, we're also seeing pictures of looting as survivors are scrambling for supplies they can get for themselves and their family. the red cross estimates the earthquake killed as many as 50,000 human beings and left another 3 million injured or homeless. the local government estimates are much higher. but they are all stressing they are just estimates. they have no way to know how many have already died or how many more will die before rescuers can reach them. also getting our first look at the moment the quake struck. look at this. keep
on america. one year later, major garrett has a look back at the president's foreign policy. >> the president's biggest foreign policy hoop came at the end of his first year, sending 30,000 additional troops to afghanistan to combat a tenacious taliban. >> i'm convinced that our security is at stake in afghanistan and pakistan. >> when mr. obama accepted his noble peace prize he surprised some by defending his expanded afghan war as crucial to winning a post 9/11 peace. republicans backed this decision but not what came with it. >> his simultaneous announcement of his desire for an early commencement of withdrawal of american forces sent a very bad signal. >> signals, mr. obama has tried to send new ones as with his speech to the muslim world in cairo. at big summits the president acknowledged what he called u.s. missteps in foreign policy, economics and the environment. >> it is not just the apologies that make a difference, it is the overall weakness and decline in defending american interests. >> the white house and its allies call it practicallal honesty. >> he has shown a sincetivity to
is bringing brand new attention to the role that america's spy agency is playing in this dangerous area of the world. the cia undergoing major changes in recent years, agents moving choser to the front lines and playing a more direct role in our military operation as we battle militants not only in afghanistan but across the border in pakistan as well. caroline shively has been looking into that from washington. i understand the cia plays a big role in the unmanned drone program. tell us about that. >> sure, gregg. chapman is reportedly where a lot of the manage for unmanned drone strikes are originated, not the execution, not the launch, that's done elsewhere, but the guys at chapman help figure out how to target in afghanistan and across the border in pakistan. now, this attack on chapman proves how dangerous a mission it is for cia agents there, but it's also incredibly complicated. many analysts say the cia is basically orchestrating the war in pakistan, something the pakistani government denies and that the cia wasn't talk about. also important, there was another drone missile stri
the outcome could really mean, coming up. >> shepard: fox news is america's news headquarters. and republicans may well be on the verge of a ones unthinkable victory in massachusetts. taking back the seat that ted kennedy held for almost half a century. and that could cause new trouble for president obama's healthcare overhaul, among many other things injuries the kennedy family endorses, of course, the democrat. the attorney general martha coakley. in a state where democrats outnumber republicans three to one but republican scott brown has made a big comeback in the pollsion even as democratsed a might coakley has run a very poor campaign. look that the. back in november, coakley was up by almost 30 points. now, too close to call my most estimates. president obama campaigned with coakley yesterday and today she is using the video at a new ad. here, look. >> the attorney general, she took on wall street and recovered millions for massachusetts taxpayers. she went after big insurance companies and took on predatory lenders. that is what martha coakley is about. every vote matters we need you on
. and new help for america's middle class. >> creating good, sustainable jobs, is the single most important thing we can do to rebuild the middle class. >> it's more of the same old nonsense that will do nothing to get our economy moving again. >> shepard: tonight, from paying for child care to covering the cost of college. we'll explain how the president's plan could effect you. >> shepard: first tonight, a dramatic declaration from the president. president obama sat down with abc news just two days before his state of the union address today and talked about his plan to tackle some of the biggest problems that face our nation. even if that comes at a political cost. in the president's words, "i would rather be a really good one-term president than mediocre two-term president." president obama added that he doesn't want to look back on his time at the white house and say all he was interested in was his own popularity. still, the president did offer a proposal today that could potentially win him back some fans, especially in the middle class which president obama says has been under assau
and present danger to america, one that's now very much on the radar screen. >> major garrett with the facts and figures. thank you. now to the yemen connection and new concerns tonight about the terror threat inside that country. the suspect in this case reportedly admitted that he did, in fact, train with religious extremist in yemen. and the sight of the 2000 bombing of the uss cole. now there is word that security forces in yemen are looking for a number of suspected terrorists. suspected terrorists who are believed to have entered that country in the past few days and counterterrorism teams are especially concern about one teenage boy who is believed to have been recruited as a suicide bomber. our contributor and journalist judith miller reports the information comes from a number of captured terror suspects. >> more than one of them spoke of a 16-year-old who has been recruited and trained by al-qaeda who was being sent to aidan to scope out one of five preselected foreign targets. >> so as investigators look into that, questions are being raised about what's happening in yemen. our te
that al qaeda is not just battling america but also battling for the planet. i can also tell you, shep, that these intelligence sources don't take the threat of him having much success in expanding that base very seriously at all. >> shepard: in this message, the terror leader called for his supporters to launch another attack on america. but this time he wants to hit us in the pocketbook. >> yeah, targeting the american economy appealing to the world to stop buying american goods and end the domination of the doer. in fact, part of this translated by memory says and i'm quoting here, we should stop dealings with the dollar and get rid of it as soon as possible. i know that this has great consequences and grave ramifications but it is the onlm slavery and depends -- dependence on america. again, not taking very seriously by the intelligence sources we spoke to. >> shepard: this tape out about a week after another tape in which he praised the attempts of a bombing over detroit. what's the intelligence community making of all of this? >> they say that we, the media, tend to focus on thes
's going on in america is not just about health care. it's about their national energy tax. it's about their desired to increase taxes on literally every front. >> for his part, president obama has begun sounding a more populous tone. mr. obama said last month famously he did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on wall street. he is now taking a saying it was the american people who did the quote, offensive but necessary work of bailing out the financial firms. still, even some democrats are interpreting tuesday's results as a rebuke against the back room dealing democrats did to advance health care reform. >> it wasn't a vote against democrats or for republicans. it was a vote against washington that a promise had been made that governance would be different, that we would somehow work together. >> the real key to scott brown's big win on tuesday, of course, wasn't populism, it was the role of independent voters in massachusetts. polling suggested that brown picked up 65% of them outpacing barack obama's 57% in november of 2008, shep. >> shepard: james rose
to struggling americans. >> we will not rest until we build an economy that's ready for america's future. >> shepard: but republicans say the president is not getting the message. >> the american people are still asking the question where are the jobs? >> shepard: tonight, the president's plan to put thousands of americans back to work. the speaker of the house insisting health care is not dead. even without a super majority in the senate. >> the gate is closed, we will go over the fence, the fence is too high. we will poll volt it. if that doesn't work we will parachute in but if that doesn't work we are going to get health care passed for the american people. >> shepard: how exactly are they going to do that? we are live on capitol hill. and he admits gunning down a doctor who performed controversial abortions. now did it. >> the fact that he was performing late term abortions on viable children. >> shepard: tonight, the confessed killer on the stand. but first from fox tonight, president obama looking to hammer home his efforts on the economy, even as he faces new criticism from repu
ever on a military base in america. live in the newsroom in new york tonight, what else does the pentagon review show, jonathan? >> most strikingly, according to the associated press it focuses on a presentation major hasan gave during his residency in the walter reed medical center in 2007. it was a presentation on the wars in afghanistan and iraq. look at some of points major hasan made. he said the war on terror is a war on islam. secondly, he said that islamic law should trump the u.s. constitution. and finally, according to some present at the presentation he also tried to justify suicide bombings. you would think that those three points made by the major would be a huge red flag. apparently nobody pickd that flag up. >> shepard: not only left him in the military but kept promoting him. >> captain in 2003 and then to mager in 2009. the report apparently shows this is quite a common thread within the u.s. army, the desire to promote junior officers rather than to look specifically at some of their actions that might raise these kind of red flags. clearly this is something
prescribed drugs in america. but there is a brand-new study that finds for the majority of patients, those drugs are no better than a placebo. a majority, as in seven out of ten patients. the study getting a lot of attention because 15 million american adults are on antidepressants and sales of the drugs have doubled in the past decade to about $10 billion worth in 2008. the jonathan hunt is with us now. this study sounds like doctors might be overprescribing here. >> reporter: that's the very clear message from this study. it's a concern many in the medical community had for quite some time. among them our own doctor who says this study send has message that any doctor who prescribes antidepressants should stop and think before doing so. listen. >> this is a wake-up call to psychiatrists to say, we need to be doing more than prescribing medication or we need to not prescribe it and get people to psycho therapy they need. >> and the doctor also says the patient should think, too, whether just talking to a therapist or having basic changes in their lifestyle might work better than the drug.
america and it keeps feeding in this cold air from canada and sinking it south. so these below normal temperatures where it's 20 degrees below normal in the deep south, that will stick around for what looks like at least the next couple of weeks with that pattern set in place. so tomorrow's highs, it will be the same old story, very chilly here. 34 only for atlanta. 31 in memphis and keep out the coats because this will last for the next several days, if not weeks. >> winter. domenica davis in the extreme weather center, thank you. under the process known as eminent domain, the government can take over private land with or without your permission. in washington state, one city is looking to seize a privately owned parking lot and build a new development in its place. as is often the case when it comes to eminent domain, the owners are fighting back. now from seattle with dan springer. >> reporter: that is right. the city has condemn that had parking lot property, but it's not a done deal yet until the city files with the county. that's why the owners of the property are putting a lot
as america's most influential conservative voice. >> and 2009 was a very bad year. a look back at the scandals that caused shame, sorrow, and loss. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> but we begin with that failed christmas day bombing attempt of a northwest airline flight over detroit. the white house national security team briefing the president on what he is describing as the systemic failures that allowed the nigerian suspect to board the plane with a bomb in his underpants. the president who was on vacation with his family in hawaii demanded to know why the red flags were missed. why the pieces were never put together. after umar farouk abdullah mutallab's father warned officials his son may be a threat. his name made it on to the national and federal terror data base but it was never moved to the no fly list. the u.s. never revoked his visa. even though he was refused one in britain. the president today hearing from his top anti-terror advisor john brennan and his homeland security secretary janet janet napolitano who delivered a prelimina
that legalized abortion in america and set up decades of bitter battles between pro choice and pro life. today, in a kansas courthouse, that battle and those strong sentiments were again front and center and, if defendant scott roeder has his way, abortion itself will be on trial when the testimony begins. still, the judge says this trial is not about that debate at all. he says this is about murder and one that scott recorder has roeder already confessed he did commit may 31st, 2009, at a church with dr. tiller was serving as an usher. >> i was talking with dr. tiller and making kind of small talk when i noticed the door -- that door that would be on the left there open up and the gentleman entered. >> witnesses say that man walked right up to dr. george tiller and pulled the gun. >> i saw a flash and i heard a popping that, to me, sounded like a balloon popping, then i saw dr. tiller just fall flat on his back. i saw an assailant. i saw with his hand out and still had the gun in his hand. >> shepard: as the killer escaped, a witness called 911. >> somebody shot someone. dr. tiller. dr. georg
in the america, you just throw that into the mix and it's worse. so basic function, the government, the senate, the world bank, embassy, hospitals, schools, none are functioning. and to see the level of relief so far has been really minimum school. we saw one small group come in with shopping bag full of water and food. it is a trickle at this point, but it is also a heroic and a dangerous effort to try and reach this airport and the work often being done by those who are mourning their own colleagues. shepard. >> if something like this happens in a developed nation, there are machines to pick up rubble. there are hospital beds to put people in. there is medicine for those who need it. in haiti, that's simply not the case. in that third world country, it all has to be brought in. i know that there is an effort underway to begin that process. do we know the degree to which they've been able to put plans together? >> reporter: shepard, there is really a few factors here. i think the one positive factor that haiti has going for it, in its undeveloped state is that we don't see the large sky scrap
on a fox trip across america. illinois: carlie says she fell asleep while texting. when she woke up, she found a hole in a blanket and a burn mark on her side. >> i was a little upset because i just got it it's been hard. try not to text people. >> her dad blames a faulty battery. it's an at&t phone. the company says it is investigating and sending carlie a new phone. north carolina: a tanker filled with gas overturning on highway 321 in gaston county near the south carolina border. police say the driver was not seriously hurt. texas, a fort worth teenager ended up in jail after cops found heroin in a car that he just bought. the thing is, the guy bought the vehicle at the police auction at an impound lot. the teen says he assumed it was clean when he picked it up. >> i don't know how it got there. it's not mine or nothing like that. >> police say they are investigating the incident. california: talk about choices. the counter restaurant in carl'sbad says it offers hundreds of thousands of combinations for its burgers. >> some beg to differ but we did the math and it's around 312,000 c
. >> the american people have spoken. the people of massachusetts have spoken for the rest of america. stop this process. sit down. an open and transparent negotiations. let's begin from the beginning. >> shepard: so where does the health care battle go from here? what about the rest of president obama's plans? we have team fox coverage. wendell goler at the white house. carl cameron live in boston. karl, senator elect brown now says he wants to hit the ground running and he is heading to washington tomorrow. >> he is, shep. he will be there tomorrow and he will meet with some of the members of the massachusetts congressional delegates all democrats, as well as the republican leadership mitch mcconnell and john mccain the former republican nominee will also be there. it's right back up here to massachusetts where he is going to go to his daughter's basketball game tomorrow night. he is very eager to get to work and fully aware that the health care debate looms for him in a big, big way, shep. >> shepard: the pollsters talked to voters as they left of the polling places yesterday and through
people come to make money. this is their america, if you will. just the other side of the island. there is no infrastructure. there is no 911. there is no one for the people to turn to except for the united states and there are indications they have already made an appeal to the united states to help. but as i said, communications are down and it is difficult to see how quickly any aid will be forthcoming, shepard. >> shepard: and could be first light before we realize the depth of the humanitarian crisis that faces us. steve harrigan is in our south florida newsroom where tens of thousands of haitians live and we are monitoring as best we can. steve, a statement from the president this evening? >> certainly, president obama was informed about the quake immediately and made the following statement that the u.s. is ready to help. the president said my thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the earthquake. we are closely monitoring the situation and stand ready to assist the people of haiti. as previous people have mentioned in haiti, the desire to help is one thing but g
't believe that their response due to competition is move offshore and put people out of work here in america. i think the right response is to try to do better engineering. >> reporter: with computer generated specs and patented graphics, sales of bowling balls have gone a few hundred to several thousand a month. the nonunion employees share in the profits each quarter. the abandoned factories around every corner, there is a sense here of not only good fortune to be working, but also to be part of something, almost everyone said was impossible. we got a chance to test out some of those high-tech michigan made bowling balls. the core is supposed to help you steer it into the pocket. back to you. >> steve in mexico city this evening. you can find all our job hunt stories at foxnews.com. click on the link at the top of the page. click on the city, find employment stories we've done all over the place. >>> steve in mexico tonight. we got a stunning and gruesome example today of how brutal the drug war is now in mexico. a 36-year-old man's body left in the streets. they found it in seven pieces,
. the white house now reports to us that the president will say i have never been more hopeful about america's future than i am tonight. despite our hardships, our union is strong. we do not give up. we do not quit. we don't allow fear or division to break our spirit. in this new decade, it's time for america people to get a government that matches their decency. that elm bodies their strength. and tonight, says the president, i'd like to talk about how together we can deliver on that promise. greg jarrett now in washington as audio problems persist. >> and, shepard, thanks very much. hello i'm greg jarrett. tonight we will be airing the 76th time that the chief executive has faced congress to deliver a state of the union address or as it is known the president's annual message to congress. george washington was actually the first to deliver an address that was estimated to last roughly five minutes in total. well tonight will be a bit longer. and while it's tough to compare one president's speech to another, there are lessons we can learn from past addresses that could tell us a whole lot a
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21